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Our curriculum aims:

  • To ensure that all children feel safe and happy in order for them to achieve their full potential.
  • To have a positive impact on the local community.
  • To develop tolerance, empathy and tackle stereotypes, preparing children for life in modern Britain.
  • To prepare children for their next steps; from key stage to key stage and beyond.
  • To be child-led, engaging and exciting.
  • To develop creativity and collaboration skills.
  • To challenge each child to achieve.
  • To develop independence and resilience through meaningful and relevant content and approaches.
  • To engage parents and the wider community.
  • To value each child’s contribution and individuality.
  • To use child-led differentiation to encourage children to take ownership of their learning and challenge themselves.

Teachers ensure that learning meets our curriculum aims. When planning, consideration must be given to how best we can meet children’s needs, include all children and motivate them. More details can be found in our Teaching and Learning Policy 2018.

For more detailed information about the curriculum for each class, please click below.

Bulmer Class Plan 2018 (EYFS)             Curriculum Plan Neville Class (Years 1 and 2)             Curriculum Plan Galtres Class (Years 3 and 4)         Howard Class (Years 5 and 6)

The following policies may also be helpful, if you require further information about our curriculum please do not hesitate to get in touch using the ‘Contact us’ page.

Phonics Policy 2016-2017                     Spelling-Policy                     

Subject information

School trips, visitors and experiences

School trips, visitors and experiences are used to support learning within the classroom. They are an integral part of inspiring and engaging learning and can offer unique and memorable learning opportunities across the curriculum.

Curriculum updates

Young Archeaologists

We love archaeology! Galtres Class have been looking at Roman settlements in our local area. They have researched life during Roman times finding out about their food, lifestyle and beliefs....
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Science Bus

The Malton School Science Bus The amazing Malton School science bus came to school and with Mr Romney, the science teacher. He talked to us about biology and we had...
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A World War Theme

World War 1 and 2 Topic The children in Howard Class have been studying about World War 1 and World War 2. The topic fitted well with the 100 years...
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Football Success

Congratulations to our girl’s football team. They won the cluster round to go into the area finals at Thirsk. After playing really well they gained the bronze medal.  
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